Idaho Angus Association

1983 Tar Hell Angus

1984 Cross L Angus

1985 Foote Acres Angus

1986 Nonpareil Angus

1987 Callison Angus

1988 Callison Angus

1989 Bell Key Angus

1990 Nonpareil Angus

1991 Foote Acres Angus

1992 Richardson Cattle Co.

1993 Wilkes 6-D Angus

1994 C-I Angus

1995 Guest Angus

1996 Guest Angus

1997 TLC Angus

1998 Calison Angus

1999 Kessler Angus

The Dale Thompson Memorial Trophy is a traveling trophy award given to the winner of hte Champion Bull at the Gem State Classic. The award is given in memory of the late Dale Thompson of Deep Creek Angus, Potlach, ID. The trophy will be given to the ranch that wins the trophy three consecuative years.

Dale Thompson Memorial 

​Traveling Trophy

2000 Sawtooth Cattle Co.

2001 Sawtooth Cattle Co.

2002 Duncan Angus

2003 Malson Angus

2004 Bell Key Angus

2005 Malson Angus

2006 Duncan Angus

2007 Blue Sage Acres Ranch

2008 Shandar Angus Ranch

2009 Bishop Ranches Angus

2010 TLC Angus

2011 Bell Key Angus

2012 Dalbey Angus

2013 Bell Key Angus

2014 Bell Key Angus

2015 Salmon Tract Angus

​2016 Salmon Tract Angus